5.07 Girls Track @ Nevada

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On May 7th the girl’s track team had a track meet in Nevada. The girls ran well placing top three or higher in many events. The coach wanted to congratulate Sydney Mosinski and Caitlyn Sharp for going first in the and second in the open 200. Congratulations to Kasey Rewerts for her second place finish in the 3000. Congratulations to the 4×100 relay team of Emily Plate, Samara Sharp, Caitlyn Sharp, and Sydney Mosinski placing first and improving their time to 52.68.


Girls 100 Meter Dash Varsity

3rd Sharp, Samara Nevada 14.22


Girls 200 Meter Dash Varsity

1st Mosinski, Sydney Nevada 28.12

2nd Sharp, Caitlyn Nevada 28.23


Girls 1500 Meter Run Varsity

3rd Rewerts, Kacie Nevada 5:11.80


Girls 3000 Meter Run Varsity

2nd Rewerts, Kacie Nevada 11:03.07


Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity

1st   52.86

1) Plate, Emily 2) Sharp, Caitlyn

3) Sharp, Samara 4) Mosinski, Sydney


Girls 800 Sprint Medley Varsity

3rd  2:00.04

1) Plate, Emily 2) Sharp, Samara

3) Sharp, Caitlyn 4) Mosinski, Sydney


Girls 100 Meter Dash Junior Varsity

2nd Schakel, JayLyn Nevada 15.30


Girls 200 Meter Dash Junior Varsity

1st Farmer, Mady Nevada 30.42

3rd Abarca, Lesly Nevada 32.02


Girls 400 Meter Dash Junior Varsity

3rd Hall, Taylor Nevada 1:18.16


Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Junior Varsity

2nd  2:03.18

1) Gray, Ellie 2) Heiden, Grace

3) Abarca, Lesly 4) Farmer, Mady

Article contributed by Jacob Stufflebeam


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