1.17 7th Boys Basketball vs Greene County

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The 7th grade boys basketball A team lost to Greene County, 19-31, on Thursday, January 17th in Jefferson.

It was the Cubs’ season opener and their first road game.

The Cubs started off strong with a 5-2 lead to end the first quarter. They followed that strong start and took it into the second quarter where they led 12-6.

“They were on the verge of blowing them out, then many open looks started to not fall. I think the first game nerves were getting to them,” said Coach Cary Thompson. “The offense started to get stagnant, and it showed when they got outscored 2-12 in the third”.

In the third quarter, they shot a lot threes, but they stopped taking it inside and didn’t work the ball very well. In the fourth quarter they got outscored 5-13. They did not get back on defense which led to Greene County getting easy buckets.

Alec Higgins led scorers with six, Jacob Khounsourath had four, and Cason Stevenson, Kyle Kingsbury, and Will Bauman each had a basket. Will Palmer also had a free throw.

The 7th grade boys basketball B team beat Greene County, 45-10, on Thursday, January 17th. The Cubs had a dominant game against the Rams. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 2-2, but in the second quarter is where the Cubs showed that they were the overall better team by outscoring them 24-2.

“The transition defense was good, which led to good transition offense,” said Coach Thompson.

In the third quarter they outscored the Rams 12-2, then again in the fourth 7-4.

Leading scorers were Jackson Ried with 14, Breshawn Williams with nine, Will Palmer with eight, Titus Hall with five, and Will Bauman with four. Ian Thomas and Rowan Steel each had a bucket, and Sam Hanson had a free throw.

Following the Cubs’ dominant performance, they are now 1-0 on the season.

The 7th grade boys basketball C team beat Greene County, 22-3, on Thursday, January 17th. The Cubs had an overall, very-well played game.

Leading scorers consisted of Mason Harrold and Vincent Conrad, who each had eight, and Parker Peterson, who had six.

Their record improved to 2-0 on the season.

The Cubs’ next game is at home against Roland Story on February 4th.

Article contributed by Connor Schnettgoecke.

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