4.08 MS Girls Track @ South Hamilton

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On Monday, April 8, the middle school girls track team ran well at South Hamilton.  Nevada placed first in three events and second in one.

Melanie Khounsourath ran first in two of the three events that Nevada placed first.  She placed first in the 100 meter dash with a time of 14.18. She also got first in the 200 meter dash with a time of 29.59.

In the 400 meter run, Mady Gibson got first with a time of 1:12.1.  Mady Gibson was also in the 800 meter sprint medley relay that placed second.  Emma DePenning, Stephanie Lopez and Graci Schiller were also on the 800 medley team.

“Coach Bentley and I were really excited to see the girls compete for the first time this season. The seventh graders were attending their very first track meet, and everyone from both grades made it to their events on time. We had good, solid performances from everyone, and it was a great way to start the season”, said Coach Lori Stephenson .

“Melanie Khounsourath ran really nice races in both her 100 and 200 opens. She had missed a week of practice with a sore calf, so it was good to see her run well,” Coach Stephenson said. “Mady Gibson ran a strong race in the 400. She held off some challengers on the straightaway with a great, early season time of 1:12.”

The girls run again on Thursday night, April 18, at their home meet.

Article contributed by Jalen Lancaster.

1Melanie Khounsourath14.18
4Paige Handsaker15.24
6Sarah Mehari15.9
9Bridget Cahill16.43
1Melanie Khounsourath29.59
9Kira Brockman44.13
1Mady Gibson01:12.1
5Ella Check01:20.0
5Bridget Cahill03:20.1
6Ella Check03:22.6
100 MH
5Mallory Mills22.31
6Madi Cox22.54
4Cecelia Scarff06:40.5
5Natalie Barber06:50.3
200 MH
3Mallory Mills37.85
8Kennedy Long45.62
5Emma DePenning58-04
7Natalie Barber55-02
10Paige Handsaker50-11
High Jump
4Ella Check3-10.00
5Mady Gibson3-08.00
6Stephanie Lopez3-08.00
Long Jump
9Cecelia Scarff10-03.00
11Paige Vincent6-08.00
12Kira Brockman6-00.00
Shot Put
5Graci Schiller21-00.50
6Paige Handsaker20-05.00
7Emma DePenning18-10.50

4×100 3- Natalie Barber, Cece Scarff, Sarah Mehari, Kira Brockman, 01:08.2

4×200 4 – Paige Handsaker, Bridget Cahill, Graci Schiller, Paige Vincent, 2:20.2

4×400 3 – Melanie Khounsourath, Graci Schiller, Paige Vincent, Stephanie Lopez, 5:30.5

4×800 3 – Cece Scarff, Madi Cox, Mallory Mills, Paige Vincent, 13:23.0

Sprint Med 2 – Emma DePenning, Stephanie Lopez, Mady Gibson, Graci Schiller, 2:20.6

D Med 3 – Emma DePenning, Madi Cox, Kennedy Long, Stephanie Lopez, 5:46.0

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