8th Grade Volleyball

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The 8th grade volleyball season is under way with a great start. The team has played Roland Story, BCLUW, and PCM, South Hamilton, and Greene County.  The A-team had losses to BCLUW and Roland-Story.

Coach Lori Stephenson said, “BCLUW had a good team with kids who play together all winter, and Roland-Story had some kids who could serve really hard.” 

Hailee Bentley is the other 8th grade volleyball coach.

The girls have been working really hard in practice and have improved greatly since the beginning of the season. Some of the goals for the year are to have fast practices with lots of reps and focus on skill development and create a fun safe environment where the kids challenge themselves and learn to love the game. The volleyball team has a lot of girls that are inexperienced but come to practice everyday and work hard to get better as the season progresses. The goals for those girls are to improve volleyball fundamentals and game IQ. 

One goal Coach Stephenson has is to “encourage lots of girls to participate in the winter AAU season so they’re better prepared for high school volleyball next summer and fall.” 

The AAU program is a great way to improve the girl’s chemistry and skills. 

Coach Stephenson also said, “The eighth grade has many talented athletes who really enjoy volleyball. They’re so eager to practice and play every day that it’s a lot of fun to be around them.” 

As the girls practice they will be able to play many positions and that will be a great asset to both coaches and the team.

The team plays Roland-Story tonight, Monday, September 30, at home at 4:30.

Article contributed by Karter Beving.

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