Basketball Profile – JayLyn Schakel

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New to the basketball team this year is junior JayLyn Schakel. 

 JayLyn thought basketball would be hard, and she didn’t think she would be very good. She said it has been pretty hard memorizing the plays, and she didn’t realize how much conditioning there would be. Other than that it has been a pretty fun transition for her.  

She did basketball this season just to give it a try. She had been a cheerleader in her first two years of high school.  

The thing she likes most about basketball is the team aspect, how challenging it is, and that there are scrimmages during practice. 

Was going out for a new sport hard?  “Yes, I think it was really hard due to the fact that I’ve never played, and I’m a junior, so everyone my age has already played a lot and is better.” 

Regardless, Schakel is enjoying her time trying out a new sport here at Nevada High School. 

Come support the team tonight at South Hamilton.

Article contributed by Addy Verville. 

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