Nevada Dance Team Preseason

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The team consists of seven seniors, Catelynn Adelmund, Nora Anderson, Kenzie Dunson, Aubrey Firnhaber, Madelyn Grimes, Grace Oxley, and Logan Stufflebeam. There are also two juniors, Kelly Beals and Logan Ferriss, one sophomore, Malia Pratt, and three freshman, Kayla Dunson, Ella Hoskins, and Emma Walden. These students and Coach Adelmund have three practices a week, a marathon practice once a month and various workouts and prep competitions pre-state.

Tryouts for the team are pretty simple. Most people that try out can get on the team, as long as they can dance. Coach Adelmund had one year where the people who tried out were put on varsity or junior varsity, but no one was cut. Another year, the top eleven people were chosen. Once on the team, the girls are given a routine to work on. Coach Adelmund makes the decision on what the routine and music involve, but does ask for input on them from time to time. The team has a performance at their little kids dance clinic, which is a fundraiser for their team. They also have three performances at three different boys basketball games this season.

Overall, this upcoming season is bound to be great for both Coach Adelmund and the team!

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