MS Wrestling Coaches’ Profiles

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Middle School Wrestling Coaches’ Profiles


Karl Corbin is a co-coach of the Nevada Middle School wrestling team. Karl has coached middle school wrestling for 33 years, and he has also coached other sports like middle school football and middle school boys track. Karl participated in wrestling through middle school and high school.

Coach Corbin likes coaching because he likes teaching and working with kids.


John Pelzer is a co-coach for the Nevada Middle School wrestling team. His role as a coach is demonstrating fundamental wrestling moves, monitoring the progress in learning those moves, motivating the wrestlers to do their best and providing positive feedback in meets and at practice.

John has coached wrestling for 18 years. He also coached football for 27 years, track and field for 22 years, girls’ golf for 3 years and baseball for 2 years. John also wrestled through middle school and high school.

John enjoys coaching because there are certain strategies in coaching he also likes giving back to athletes and helping them reach their full potential of winning.

Article contributed by Ethan Wild.

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