NHS Dance Team Coach Jenny Adelmund

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Coach Jenny Adelmund is the Dance Team coach. Coach Adelmund always liked to work with kids, and she considers the girls she coaches her children. She feels that it takes a village to raise kids, and that she is a big part of that village in those girl’s lives. She says that she sort of fell into the high school dance team. The old coach was resigning, and Coach Adelmund’s daughter wanted to join the dance team at Nevada.   She applied and got the job.

Coach Adelmund has coached softball, as well as dance. She coached softball for ten years for her daughter’s team, before she began coaching at Nevada, which she has been doing for three years. She has also taught classes at an area dance studio for many years. Her background in sports includes dancing since the age of three, being a student helper at age nine, and teaching from age eighteen and on.

Coaching for the dance team

Coach Adelmund has many responsibilities as a dance coach. Each day can be different. Some are spent on the costumes and organizing them for the dancers, while others are spent on the dance routines and line ups. A typical practice is perfecting the dance, making sure everyone can dance their part perfectly and  making all the movements the same. They discuss volunteer options, and get in the required weightlifting.

Coach Adelmund’s responsibilities for the team involve fundraising, choreographer, budgeting the outfits and accessories needed, ordering the outfits and accessories, tryouts, techniques with the dancers, purchasing and editing music, scheduling practices and reserving practice space, buying and editing music, and speaking with athletic directors about needs and wants. 



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