Carter Franzen

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Carter Franzen: Nevada’s football program picks up a few new kids this year that are making an impact at the varsity level.

Multiple athletes are stepping up this year to help benefit the varsity football team on their road to the playoffs. One athlete in particular is senior Carter Franzen. Carter played football his freshman year, and then for his sophomore and junior seasons he was out for cross country.

 Now that he is back, he’s making a big impact on the team’s performance. When asked if he wished he would have stuck it out and done football all four years he said, “I always missed football, but I really enjoyed being in cross country, too. It was a lot of fun to go out and run with some of my friends on the team, I don’t fully regret it because my sophomore year I went to state for cross country. But, I’m glad I’m back playing football this season.”

 Franzen plays cornerback for the Cubs, and he’s doing well at the position; six games in Carter has 20.5 tackles and two interceptions on the season. He makes a huge impact on the team, and he’s a great team player. He always has an upbeat tempo when he plays and never lets tough situations get his head down.

 “I’m really glad I went back out for football this season because so many people regret not playing football when they get out of high school. I’m really glad I came back out because this season is going really well so far. We’re 5-1 on the season and hoping to go to the playoffs and do things that haven’t been done in a long time,” said Franzen.

The last time Nevada has been ranked was in 1992, and it is a really cool thing for these kids to be able to experience being on a team that is going to be remembered for doing something big with the program. The team has been working really well together this season.

“My favorite thing about the team this year is the team atmosphere. I love going out and getting hyped up for a game and sticking with each other through thick and thin parts of the game no matter what the score is. No matter what’s going on,” said Franzen. 

Franzen and the team are hoping all of their hard work this season pays off, and they have a good postseason run. They have their eyes on the UNI Dome. 

Article contributed by Jordan Barrett.

Article originally submitted on Thursday, October 10. Publication was delayed due to technical difficulties.

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