Larry Stufflebeem, Director of Football Management

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Larry Stufflebeem, the Director of Football Management for the Nevada High School football team, has a very important role in the program.

When asked about what kind of jobs he does, Stufflebeem responded, “Whatever I can do to allow the coaches to focus on coaching and not worry about the little things that go on behind the scenes.

”Some of those behind-the-scenes jobs include washing pants and jerseys, making play cards, setting up cameras to record film, and dealing with faulty equipment. 

Head Coach Andrew Kleeman said, “ He [Coach Stufflebeem] graciously volunteered his time and helps things run smoothly on a daily basis.”

“Game Day is very hectic. I would say that away games are a little easier as we already have all of the equipment loaded in the van and ready to go,” Stufflebeam said. 

But for home games, Stufflebeem has to set up all the cameras and technology and get all the odds and ends put together. After he is done with setting up equipment for our team, he has to make sure that the other team has everything they need. 

Kleeman said, “I can’t thank Coach Stufflebeem enough for all he does to help our football program.” 

Throughout the season, Stufflebeem is working around the clock to make things around the football program run smoothly and easily. Without Stufflebeam, coaches would have to take time out of coaching to do the behind the scenes work that Stufflebeam does so willingly. Stufflebeem said that his favorite part about doing his job was, “Seeing the success and hard work pay off for those who have stuck it out.”

The team is currently 5-2 and preparing for their next game on Friday night, October 18, against Union at home.

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