High School Football Cheer

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The Nevada cheer squad is an important part of the high school. They put posters all over the school, cheer the players on, participate in school activities, and a lot more. The cheer team is full of excitement at pep rallies and the games, and the crowds enjoy them!

To get on the cheerleading team, the students attended tryouts at the end of last year. The team doesn’t have captains, so usually the seniors are the ones that will lead or start the cheers. 

There are currently 16 girls out for cheerleading. There is only a varsity squad this year. Hopefully in the future they will have enough students try out for varsity and JV squads. Having a competition squad may be an option in the future. The team has not participated in any camps this year, but they are looking forward to participating in one next summer.

The school provides uniforms, warmups, and bags for each cheerleader. The girls buy their own poms, shoes, and bows to wear.  The team practices everyday except on game day. 

“We have practiced a few times with the middle school squad. I hope to continue to do this in the future to build up the middle school program so we have more participation in high school,” said Coach Mallory Kane.

This is Coach Kane’s first year as a football cheer coach. She will also coach basketball cheerleading this winter. In addition to adding a few new cheers, the cheerleaders also participate in the new football tradition of singing the school fight song after victories. Coach Kane is hoping to add more traditions once she has been coaching for a few years.

“I am hoping to get more students to go out for cheerleading so that we can have both varsity and JV squads. I hope that we can keep school spirit up and get more crowd participation at games. One challenge is there have been multiple coaches throughout the past seasons, so some students have stopped going out for cheerleading because they haven’t had someone consistent. I want to build the program so the cheerleaders know the expectations each season.” 

You can watch the cheerleaders perform this Friday night at Cub Stadium. 

Article contributed by Addy Verville.

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