Girls Basketball Feature: Alex Arnaud

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Alex Arnuad, sophomore and varsity basketball player, is hoping to get through this year’s basketball season injury-free aftering having to overcome an ankle injury last year.

During last year’s basketball season Alex broke her fibula. 

“It was a long and eventful recovery,” she said. 

In order to recover from her injury, Alex had to physical therapy and had several exercises that she was required to do each day. Exercises like balancing on one foot and single leg presses helped her gain strength in her ankle again. One interesting exercise that Alex did was drawing the alphabet with her foot. It helped her to keep the range of motion in her ankle. 

When Alex first got injuryed, she was very disappointed. At the time she thought that it was the worst thing that could have happened to her, but now when she looks back she believes that it happened for a reason. She thinks that it might have been a sign that she needed to take care of her body and become healthy again. 

Alex’s biggest advice for anyone overcoming an injury is that accidents happen, and you should not be mad at yourself if you are injured. She thinks that it is important to stay positive and focus on the healing process. One of the most important things that she learned while overcoming her injury is that you need to listen to your body and that you should not push yourself if you are in pain. Listening to your body can prevent injuries and keep you healthy.

Alex occasionally still feels some pain in her ankle, but she has come a long way since last season. She still ices her ankles after every game, and she makes sure that she is taking care of herself. 

Nevada girl’s basketball has begun, and Alex is excited for the season. She is looking forward to being on the court with her friends and teammates. She is excited to improve over time and become a better player throughout the season. 

Article contributed by Elie Tuhn.

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